In China

The Directors an Associates of Graham Greene have been involved in the Chinese market for nine years as investors and advisors. They firstly became involved in the development and marketing of Red pear grown in the Yunnan province and this has evolved in to the establishment of Shennong Variety Management Ltd, an intellectual property management company.

The Red pear was developed as a joint venture between HortResearch NZ Ltd and the Yass Horticultural Institute based in Yunnan and based hugely successful for the Chinese growers in Yunnan.

Orchard & Nursery Management

• Managed the procurement and development of Heinz Wattie’s fruit crops in New Zealand (peaches, plums, apples and pears) for 19 years.
• Developed and managed pip and stone fruit orchards in Hawkes Bay, NZ, over a 30 year period – 800ha, including apples and pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries and kiwifruit.
• Developed and managed a 141ha pip fruit orchard in Central Hawkes Bay for Eastern Equities Ltd, a publicly listed company.
• Owned and managed a large pip and stone fruit tree nursery based in Hawkes Bay.
• Managed the Wattie’s orchards (141ha – peaches and pears)for three years, readying them for sale. This included pears and peaches in Hawkes Bay and citrus in the Gisborne region.
• Managed the “Treetops” orchards in Australia (728ha – pip and stone fruit) for the Trustee.
• Managed the Apple Fields orchards (607ha – apples) in Canterbury NZ .

Procurement and crop management

Managed the sourcing and procurement of all fruit crops (peaches, plums pears and apples) for Heinz Wattie’s NZ Ltd. During this time numerous projects were implemented including increasing average growing productivity per hectare from 32 Tonnes to 45 tonnes and improving factory recovery.  Other projects included:
• Developing an integrated fruit production manual for orchard best practices for the grower.
• Introducing new varieties of peaches to improve yields and factory recovery and to spread harvest timing over an extended period.
• Working with research institutes to refine chemical use through integrated fruit production with the aim of reducing chemical use and increasing efficacy, and using more specific and “softer” chemicals (targeting pests while protecting beneficial insects). Also preserving the potential range of chemicals available by avoiding resistance build up.


• Consultant to MG Marketing Ltd.
• Consultant to various NZ Banks financing orchards in Hawkes Bay.
• Consultant to individual investors setting up orchards in New Zealand.
• Consultant to Kahungunu Iwi Asset Holding Company.
• New Zealand’s largest produce wholesaler.

Variety Management

• With a group of partners, established The NZ Fruit Tree Company Ltd, NZ’s largest IP variety manager. The NZFTC manages many of the world’s leading fruit breeding programs.
• The NZFTC is a shareholder and Director of AIGN, a worldwide nursery network with specialist knowledge in plant introductions and developments.
• Established Shennong Variety Management Ltd to manage the importation, propagation, evaluation and commercialisation of new fruit varieties throughout China.